(lē′nən, lü′-), Feodor 1911-1979.
German biochemist. He shared a 1964 Nobel Prize for research on cholesterol and fatty acid metabolism.
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Idzi Potters, Claude Desaive, Steven Van Den Broucke, Marjan Van Esbroeck, Lutgarde Lynen
The production joint venture with Tiangang significantly strengthens our ability to serve the strongly growing demand for high-end additives solutions in Asia," said Stephan Lynen, head of Clariant BU Additives.
The Examiner reported in July how a decision by the Greater Huddersfield CCG to take gluten-free bread off the list of items available on prescription had left Honley man Thomas Lynen facing the prospect of paying PS53 a month for eight 400g loaves - more than PS6 a loaf - from his local pharmacy.
Stephan Lynen, Head of Clariant BU Additives, comments: "Clariant's BU Additives faces strong demand from its customers in China and across Asia for sustainable value enhancement in the Plastics, Coatings & Inks industries.
Amanda Lynen recently graduated from American University with a degree in Public Health.
In another case of 'watch this space', Simon Lynen from Google's Project Tango described how he and his team had been using robotics research to create mobile technology that had a "human scale understanding of space and motion".
A study to determine the performance of combined clinical and immunological criteria by Lynen et al.
Wencke Meteling is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Marburg and in 2013-14 was Feodor Lynen Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow at Wolfson College and the Faculty of History, University of Cambridge.
Owned by Matthias Lynen, a Protestant (probably Calvinist) clergyman from Aachen who studied at Heidelberg, then lived in Cologne and Geneva before enrolling as a reader at the Bodleian and, presumably, remaining in England (and, perhaps, Scotland) for the rest of his life, the book contains entries typical of both: as an album amicorum, autographs and dedications from fellow students and friends, dated 1618 to 1624, and, as a commonplace book, a miscellany of jottings by Lynen, in Latin, English, Dutch, French, Italian, German, Hebrew, and Greek.
Feodor Lynen, who worked on isolating coenzyme A from yeast.
Es particularmente interesante el trabajo de De Waard, Kyan, Lynen, Madder, Renggli y Zolfo (2007) que estudian el modelo de distribucion de video a los dispositivos electronicos portatiles, los vodcasts.