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Lyell's notebooks, containing correspondence between him and Darwin, are now set to be sold abroad, unless the money can be raised to keep them in this country before an export ban expires.
Lyell, who died in 1875 aged 77, mentored Darwin after the latter returned from his five-year voyage on the Beagle in 1836.
With the Lyell under increasing financial scrutiny and frustration growing in the team, can they pull it together to find the killer before another attack?
This proved a powerful rhetorical tool for Lyell, and he is still considered one of the heralds of the modern era of earth sciences.
Importantly, Lyell argued that, while his fellow geologists might profess to know that the earth was of high antiquity, they had been too easily seduced by the evidence of their senses (the evidence presented by the strata, which they had assumed was almost complete), to imagine it at an appropriate scale, or to consider the possibility that wholesale geological change might happen over timescales so long as to be imperceptible to the human eye.
Forfar Athletic, known as The Loons, received PS5000 from football-loving Lyell, who owned shares worth PS42,000 in Everton, which he left to an accountant friend.
Lyell's solution was to have two papers presented to the Linnean Society.
Lyell, please call Gustave White Sotheby's International Realty at 401.849.3000.
With Bennetto freed, Klein now wants The Lyell Centre's help to find the real killer, but everybody - Nikki included - soon has good reason to wonder whether they've released a guilty man.
IN August 1872, A 34-YEAR-OLD John Muir climbed the snow and ice of Mount Lyell and Mount Maclure into the highest reaches of what is today Yosemite National Park.