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Lycoris (lī·kōrˑ·is),

n a genus of the poisonous plants of the family Amaryllidaceae, whose bulbs contain lycorine, a toxin. The bulbs of
Lycoris radiate are used as expectorant and emetic in Chinese medicine.
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pulsatoria (Savigny, 1822: 33), and not after Lycoris pulsatoria Savigny in Lamarck (1818: 313) as listed in WoRMS (2016), because the latter is a nomen nudum.
Contract awarded for Central Park Lycoris (kkotmureut) planting construction
My Lesbia, my Cynthia, my Lycoris, Or (which is best of names) my lovely Doris'--that's I.
Later, Virgil's Gallus invites his wayward Lycoris to join him in another pastoral retreat in much the same terms: "hic gelidi fontes," he says, hic mollia prata, Lycori, / hic nemus; hic ipso tecum consumere aeuo" ("here are cool springs; here are soft meadows, Lycoris; here words; here with you only time itself would slowly waste me away").
As a postscript, one could closely consider together three of Wordsworth's poems of spring 1817: the "Ode to Lycoris," the "Vernal Ode," and "To the Same.
2006) en el analisis molecular de 20 especies de Lycoris, reconocieron cuatro grandes grupos de especies, lo que resulto congruente con sus observaciones morfologicas y citologicas.
Resurrection lily, Lycoris 15-24 magic lily, squamigera in.
The other Wordsworth poems he included are: Fidelity, Cumberland Beggar, Ode to Duty, September, The Force of Prayer, Lycoris, Lines on the Death of Fox, Dion, Happy Warrior, Laodamia, the Ode (Emerson, Ralph Waldo.
1989) registraron en hojas de varias especies de plantas valores de 0,01% de Si, incluyendo entre ellas a Sansevieria trifasciata (Agavacea) y Lycoris radiata (Amaryllidaceae) y los mayores valores (6,3%) en hojas de arroz, aunque otros reportes indican un contenido hasta del 10% (Nishimura et al.
For more than 20 years ARS horticulturist Mark Roh has been intrigued by the origins and habitats of the exotic and beautiful Lycoris.