Lycopus europaeus

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Lycopus europaeus,

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In an additional randomized study the efficiency of Lycopus europaeus should be further examined, including the above-mentioned parameters.
Influence of Lycopus europaeus extracts on distribution of iodine in human serum.
On the knowledge of the constituents of Lycopus europaeus.
Allevation of mastodynia and the pre-menstrual syndrome with an extract of Lycopus europaeus (Thyreo-gutt).
Substrate specificity of catechol oxidase from Lycopus europaeus and characterization of the bioproducts of enzymic caffeic acid oxidation.
Lithospermic acid, the antihormonally active principle of Lycopus europaeus L.
An observational study yielded no noticeable changes of thyroid parameters in the serum of humans treated with Lycopus europaeus, whereas a reduction of tachycardic episodes and an improvement of vegetative and psychic complaints was observed (Scheck and Biller, 2000).