Lycopus europaeus

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Lycopus europaeus,

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Keywords: Thyroid function; Hyperthyroidism; Lycopus europaeus (Gypsywort); Urinary [T.
Following oral application of an extract of Lycopus europaeus to euthyreotic rats tri-iodothyronine ([T.
Patients were excluded from the study if they had taken Lycopus europaeus preparations within the last 3 months, underwent a fasting therapy, took thyroxine preparations and/or thyreostatic drugs, had typical menopause disorders with hot flushes, were pregnant or nursing, had severe forms of hyperthyroidism, thyreotoxic crisis, communication problems or were insufficiently cooperative.
Track I of the study (Lycopus europaeus, n = 33): A Lycopus europaeus preparation (Thyreo-loges N tablets (1)) with a daily dose of 1-0-1 tablets was administered to the patients from V1 to V5.
Track 2 of the study (control, n = 29): These patients were neither administered a Lycopus europaeus preparation nor a "placebo".
3] excretion in urine did not show a significant difference between control group and Lycopus europaeus group levels.
4] excretion in urine verifies a significant interdependency on the 5% significance level between the factors treatment group and time of measurement indicating a difference between control group and Lycopus europaeus group depending on the time of measurement (examination on admission versus examination on discharge) (Table 2).