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A bushy perennial that is a rich source of vitamins C, D, E and K, which is used primarily as animal fodder, though health-food advocates have made many extravagant claims for its use, including cancer treatmnet; alfalfa is administered internally for alcoholism, caries and diabetes, as well as bladder inflammation, gastrointestinal complaints (bloating, constipation, indigestion) and halitosis.


(Medicago sativa) A form of ground cover used as animal feed and as a nutritional supplement in humans. Sometimes eaten in salads. Many drug interactions are reported.
Synonym(s): lucerne, purple medick.
[Sp., fr. Ar. al-fasfasah]


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Dieses hat die abgebrochene Arbeit am Inventar der Orgeln im Kanton Luzern wieder aufgenommen und Ende 2014 abgeschlossen.
If you really need some intensive care andwouldn't mind knocking a few years off your complexion the Luzern Anti-Ageing Facial is a goodPOA.
The Harlequin pattern has been a success for Luzern.
He played 120 minutes against Luzern which was his first full game of the season and it's a lot to ask so maybe it's just a bit of fatigue in his muscles.
Wilton Office Plaza's flexible floor plates will enable Luzern Associates to attract a wide range of users, including small corporations as well as companies seeking to occupy as much as 47,000 s/f of contiguous space.
The previous record was held by 937 Swiss and German yodelers, who gathered in Germany on October 5, 2002 to yodel the Swiss song "Von Luzern uf Waggis zue" for more than one minute.
Tenders are invited for Hazard and risk assessment of natural hazards on national roads - lot 24 rothrist - luzern - walterswil
A few clues (the shape of rooftops, signage, even Mount Fuji in the background) allow us to situate the image, but, when all is said and done, this Japan strangely resembles the Switzerland of Bustamante's "LP" series, 2000, shown last year at the Neues Kunstmuseum Luzern.
Switzerland -- Best Western Premier Hotel Glockenhof, Zurich; Best Western Premier Hotel Pavillon, Vevey; and the Best Western Premier Art Deco Hotel, Luzern.
Invitation to tender: Spitalstrasse Luzern, Section 1, Part 2: Electronic bus lane Section: Trllhofstrasse - St.
After showing great character to see off Swiss side Luzern in the last round Saints are determined to keep the Euro adventure going.
For his part, Banz studied art history, worked as an art critic and theorist, and was curator at the Kunsthalle Luzern, which he founded.