Jules Bernard, French physician, 1828-1897. See: Luys body, centre médian de Luys, corpus luysi, nucleus of Luys.
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Norman Stinchcombe Jazz Luys i Luso Tigran Hamasyan THE Armenian pianist has established a reputation for volatile, highly propulsive jazz with the distinct harmonies of the music of his homeland feeding into a strongly grooving contemporary jazz.
We are delighted to be the first company to deliver a full level A qualified visualization solution to Beriev, an important player in the Russian aircraft industry, says Steven Luys, Vice President Strategic Marketing for Barco Defense & Aerospace.
Armenia's Luys Foundation introduced the embassy public affairs section to Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor Tod Machover, who with his team invented Hyperscore software.
Among the topics are the University of Sydney Fisher Rare Book additional manuscript 327, the Cantum ecclesiasticum of Filipe de Magalhaes, Tomas Luis de Victoria's Marian antiphon settings, Judith's Song: creating the warrior priestess, and Luys de Narvaez and the intabulation tradition of Josquin's Mille regretz.
The entire album is devoted to pieces for the vihuela - the 16th century instrument somewhere between the lute and the guitar - by Spanish composer Luys de Narvaez.
Harrington comments that Babinski 'would eventually repudiate his researches in this area, but his 1886 report became and remained a paradigm for a certain branch of the metalloscopy and transfer experimental enterprise that sought to develop the work along lines best characterized as "fluidist" or "bio-metallic"', (29) and she also discusses the work of Jules Bernard Luys, who directed the school of hypnotism at the La Charite hospital and claimed in a report of 1888 that 'it was possible to transfer between individuals, not only diseases (as Babinski had done) but also mental states.
1240-1270), which was discovered in 1913 in Madrid and is currently at the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York; the Cancioneiro da Biblioteca Publica Hortensia (Songbook of the Public Library of Hortensia), from Elvas, Portugal; the Cancioneiro da Biblioteca Nacional de Lisboa (Songbook of the National Library in Lisbon); two sixteenth-century Portuguese manuscripts of songs; the Spanish nobleman Luys Milan's (ca.
In France, Hyppolyte Baraduc, Louis Darget, and Jules-Bernard Luys sought to photograph their own thoughts and mental energy by placing their fingers or foreheads on the sensitized plates.
This type of exchange can correct the doctors of Paris--among whom were those two renowned brothers Antonio Coronel and Luys Coronel (whose works and advice we benefited from for some time) and whom Saint Doctor Soto (6) admonishes.
1968 Narratives of De Soto in the Conquest of Florida As Told by a Gentleman of Elvas and In Relation By Luys Hernandez de Biedman.
Luy's Teixeira, Cosmografo de sua Majestade, achando-se naquelas partes, em tempo do Governador Luys de Brito de Almeida, o mandou ver, e emendar a costa do Brasil; e indo no descobrimento sondou, e viu os ditos baixos e depois que os sondou e descobriu, perdeu o fundo, e foi na volta do sueste.
SHINING STARS Clockwise from top left, Angel Amal El-Haw, seven, from Kitchener Primary School, Luys Williams, six, and Yousif Mohammed, seven, from Bishop Childs Church in Wales Primary School and Katie Trueman, four, from Allensbank Primary School.