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Uterine ecbolics, luteolytic agents, uterine lavage and/or plasma infusion are recommended prior to selection of antibiotic therapy in equine endometritis (Bermudz et al., 1995; Zent et al., 1998; Causey, 2006).
PG[F.sub.2[alpha]] besides being a prompt luteolytic agent, also induces stimulation of uterine cellular immune function, uterine phagocytic activity along with prolonged uterine contractions that aid in clearance of uterine exudates (Lewis, 2004; Hirsbrunner et al., 2003; Nakao et al., 1997; Kelly et al., 2001; Seals et al., 2003).
Unlike other ruminants where placenta-derived progesterone becomes significant, the goat depends on corpus-luteum-derived progesterone throughout pregnancy and is thus susceptible to luteolytic agents, including prostaglandins, throughout the whole period of pregnancy [15].