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Theories regarding the pathogenesis of the various BAs include the incomplete obliteration of the pharyngeal clefts, as suggested by Ascherson in 1832, (16) the precervical sinus theory suggested by His in 1886, (17) the thymopharyngeal theory put forth by Wenglowski in 1912, (18) and cystic degeneration of lymph nodes suggested by Luschka in 1848.
The neurocentral joints of Luschka and the intervertebral disks are also functional components of the subaxial motion segments.
3,5] Historically, since first described by Luschka in 1856, these tumors have been considered incurable due to their surgical inaccessibility and resistance to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
The first description of midline cervical cleft was published in 1848 by Luschka.
5) If subarachnoid adhesions are present, air may travel intracerebrally and create a pneumocele, or it may travel through the foramina of Luschka and Magendie into the ventricular system.
Areas of obstructed CSF flow are the aqueduct of Sylvius, foramen of Monro, foramen of Luschka and foramen of Magendie.
Chordomas were independently described by Virchow and Luschka in the 1850s.