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Abbreviation for:
local immune therapy
local implementation team  
lumbar infusion test

lymphocyte immune therapy



A purported treatment for recurrent miscarriage, in which cells from a potential father are infused into a woman who has had previous loss of pregnancy after intercourse with this partner.


LIT has not been shown to prevent spontaneous abortion and may be hazardous to the recipient of the infused cells. In the U.S., the FDA permits research on LIT but not its use in everyday medical practice.
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93% true positive results for liver and lung metastasis on LUS and CXR respectively and concluded that a complete diagnostic work-up to detect metastases is unnecessary in the majority of patients with newly diagnosed breast cancer, whereas it may be indicated for specific patient categories such as those with stage III disease.
The main features of RDS on LUS are as follows:[sup][5],[17],[18] Lung consolidation with air bronchogram, decrease or disappearance of lung sliding, disappearance of spared areas, alveolar-interstitial syndrome, pleural line abnormalities, pleural effusion, lung pulse and bilateral "white lung.
This paper is the result of a project designed to transfer wood property information of LUS to Bolivian producers.
In the nonrupture group, the average LUS thickness examined was 7.
Her time of 30 minutes five seconds was an under-18 record, meaning she now holds the U18 and U16 records for both the Foel Lus and Moel Tryfan races.
Liverpool's victory, secured through goals by John Arne Riise (two), Steven Gerrard, Florent Sinama Pongolle, and Lus Garca, was only their second away from home this season.
The SlipNOT([R])presentation provides one Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) Learning Unit (LUs); which helps the almost 80,000 AIA members achieve the requirement of 18 LUs per year, 8 of which must be HSW.
50, chd free; Gwel yr Ynys, Parc Moel Lus, Penmaenmawr, 11am-4pm - PS3.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS: HARD EURO PEW OBEY L A I R UNA GLEN DESCENDS SEDATE KAA MARKS SEAN SHOOGL E TAL E I A N S Y LPH SAW P LUS SOONEST SOSO DOUSE BAR LEANER PASSPORT TAX I URE SPAR ETAL PET ESPY ROME WEE THINKER Across: 1 cane; 4 Panda; 7 Pearl; 8 Alpha; 9 Altar; 10 Illiterate; 14 Excite; 16 orange; 17 Tomato soup; 22 Thumb; 23 Tunic; 25 Loses; 26 Blase; 27 Less.
There was another good turnout for the Moel Lus race at Dwygyfylchi, near Penmaenmawr, the second event in the Great Arete Tuesday night series of fell-races, even though some of the bigger names were missing.
ANIMATIONS POUR ENFANTSTrottimage-: Films sans paroles/ Albums lus en franE*ais et en arabe au Centre Culturel FranE*ais Ea 17h30Samedi 2 dE[umlaut]cembre-: A1/2-le crayon enchantE[umlaut]-e, film d'animation polonais- durE[umlaut]e 40mnSamedi 16 dE[umlaut]cembre:-A1/2 NoE1/2l et l'hivers-e, albums A1/2- la nuit de l'E[umlaut]toile d'or-e, d'Elzbieta.
Lus Garca, a substitute, scored the fifth goal from close range in the final minute but by then all thoughts were on Albion's next match, away to Manchester City, where defeat would make it even more difficult for Robson to attract new players when the transfer window opens on Saturday.