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Abbreviation for:
local immune therapy
local implementation team  
lumbar infusion test
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lymphocyte immune therapy



A purported treatment for recurrent miscarriage, in which cells from a potential father are infused into a woman who has had previous loss of pregnancy after intercourse with this partner.


LIT has not been shown to prevent spontaneous abortion and may be hazardous to the recipient of the infused cells. In the U.S., the FDA permits research on LIT but not its use in everyday medical practice.
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The aim of the present study was to evaluate the diagnostic performance of 6-point LUS, performed by an ICU physician, for detection of four common pathological conditions of the lung, namely, consolidation, pleural effusion, pneumothorax and interstitial syndrome, in critically ill patients and its comparison with bedside CXR and high-resolution CT scan thorax.
Sometimes, it is stuck up in ureter especially distal ureter; hence called as lower ureteral stone (LUS) and causes intense flank pain beside urinary obstruction.
After enrollment, all patients were admitted to the high-altitude disease ward and underwent LUS, CXR, and a physical examination.
Similar to LUs, the underlying cause of pSS remains obscure.
Many articles from the literature have shown the usefulness of LUS ultrasound for detecting alveolar consolidations (4, 5).
We designed a brief LUS training course for medical students during the ED rotation.
35 out of 909 patients had metastasis detected either in the lung or liver with the help of CXR and LUS; 4 out of 35 cases had early stage breast cancer, while the rest belonged to the group of locally advanced breast cancer.
The ultrasound artifacts are the basis of lung ultrasonography (LUS) application in the clinic.
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