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luo (lō),

n in traditional Chinese medicine, the networks through which qi, or the vital energy, circulates. See also jing luo.
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The cause of my problems is tribalism,' said a seventeen-year-old Luo female: 'You can be well educated and you fail to get [a job] if you are not connected.
For example the Luo were labeled as genetically lazy, the Kamba as sex maniacs, the Kikuyu as cheeky, the Maasai as trustworthy albeit savage natives and so on (Onyango, 2008).
Owino is a member of the Luo tribe, one of Kenya's largest with about 13% of the country's total.
A mesma base cartografica foi utilizada para o mapeamento da area que consta no anexo 12 da LUOS (Lei no.
All Luos in the rift valley you better start moving out of there because you will be forcefully circumcised using iron sheets even if you don't cause chaos.
Kenyatta, a Kikuyu who is the son of Kenya's founding president, faces Raila Odinga, a Luo whose father was the country's first vice president.
Odinga's Coalition for Reform and Democracy is supporting Luos, Kamba and Luhya tribes and Kenyatta's Jubilee coalition represents the Kikuyu and Kalenjin.
The head-on rivalry between Kenyatta, from the predominant Kikuyu tribe, and Odinga, a Luo, raises the specter of the tribal clashes that followed the 2007 election and killed more than 1,200 people, uprooting thousands more from their homes.
As result of these developments, a new internal pattern of migration, which saw Kikuyus from the central region, and Luos and Luhyas from the western part of the country move to the Rift Valley in search of work so that they could pay colonial taxes and meet the needs of their families.
The author has been closely integrated into the rural African community of the Luo people of Western Kenya since 1993.
It is also interesting that right after the election Odinga went on a campaign to increase circumcision among the Luo, ostensibly to help prevent HIV/AIDS.
Gallup's Poll of Kenya last June found that Luos, Luhyas, and Kalenjins (96% in each group) overwhelmingly favor Obama, whose father was a Luo.