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In our study, lung congestion scores in groups 6 (diclofenac sodium treatment) and 7 (diclofenac sodium plus octreotide combination) were significantly lower than those in group 2 (acute pancreatitis).
It may be due to mechanical retraction of lung tissue and chronic lung congestion. Barotrauma should be avoided as well as excessive 02 concentration predispose for retinopathy of prematurity.
Presently there is no method to identify lung congestion and patients turn up in hospital when they feel uneasiness or suffer from sudden and rigorous weight gain, signifying the building up of fluids.
All pathological indices in group S showed significant increased compared to control group (p < 0.05 for lung congestion and p <0.001 for other groups).
Other alterations were splenomegaly, lung congestion, and adrenomegaly.
The 85-year-old Baba, who was admitted to the super-specialty hospital at Prashantigram on March 28 for chest and lung congestion, is in a stable condition.
* Cardio-tonic herbs support the heart in lung congestion or strain
(3,5,7) Gross lesions include atrophy of pectoral muscles, lack of fat, enlarged liver, enlarged spleen, pale small foci in liver and spleen, swollen kidneys, ascites, airsacculitis, subcutaneous hemorrhages, lung congestion, and pneumonia.
On Thursday Basu's lung congestion had reduced, while his pulse rate and blood pressure was stable.
The pungent mustard oils found throughout the plant are stimulating, warming and drying, and are useful for clearing sinus and lung congestion.
All my life, coughs and mild lung congestion progressed to bronchitis and pneumonia.