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Lee G., 20th-century U.S. medical technologist. See: Luna-Ishak stain.
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Laparoscopic uterine nerve ablation Gynecology A procedure for treating pelvic pain consisting in disrupting the uterine nerves. See Pelvic inflammatory disease.
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Richie adds that this piece serves as a bridge to Luna's style influences.
Equally fascinating is the second Luna now at Salcedo, a previously unknown work called The Hunting Party.
Lunas said fire investigators were still probing the possible cause of the blaze.
Sadly, the hero's artistic genes have not been passed down to younger Lunas because Andres had no child.
The charges stemmed from a complaint filed in August by Councilor Noel Cortez, who said the project remained "a pebble and dirt road" despite Luna's claim that it was completed.
Everyone who comes out of Heneral Luna blames Aguinaldo-an oversimplification because history is more complex than our textbooks make it out to be.