luminous flux

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lu·mi·nous flux

the quantity of light emitted from a point source in a given time; its unit is the lumen.
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flux, luminous

Flow of light which produces a visual sensation. It is measured in lumens.
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Speaking on the occasion, Rakesh Malhotra, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Luminous Power said, "Having been in the power business for more than two decades we strongly believe that clean technology is not simply a buzzword but a very urgent need of government around the world.
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From the chapter "Alphabet," Leiris writes: "I look at the alphabet: a succession of symbols on pages or a small book that I study, a slender construction of white pages where various linear constructions stand out in black, constructions I must assimilate at all costs." He uses the present tense to suggest that his childhood fascination with language is filled with luminous power. But he is writing the sentence in the "real" present.
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