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Christian Gerhard, German physician, 1846-1911. See: Leopold maneuvers.
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Luitpold Pharmaceuticals is a member of the Daiichi Sankyo Group.
This study was supported by research grants from Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc., which was responsible for the study design and analysis and interpretation of the data.
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For the first time this year, race organisers DIMC had allowed the entry of a team from Germany skippered by Prince Luitpold of Bavaria.
Moreover, in 2010, the FDA issued a warning letter to Luitpold Pharmaceuticals to stop claiming a safety advantage over iron dextrans in the absence of comparative clinical trials (pers comm, M Safarik, Department of Health and Human Services, FDA).
This is another important and strategic step for American Regent, as we continue to build and grow our IV Iron franchise.' said Mary Jane Helenek, President and CEO of Luitpold Pharmaceuticals.
The approval was obtained on behalf of Luitpold Pharmaceuticals Inc and triggers a USD10m (EUR7.67m) final milestone payment from Luitpold to BioMimetic.
For Pius II's sponsored projects in Rome, see Christoph Luitpold Frommel, "Francesco del Borgo, Architekt Pius II.
Treatment was initiated with manipulated silimarine (50mg [kg.sup.-1], each 12h, p.o.), lactulose syrup (15mL each 8h, p.o.; Luitpold Sankyo Pharma Brasil, Sao Paulo), lactulosis enema (3 parts of the product in 7 parts of warm water each 12h), n-acetyl cysteine (3mg [kg.sup.-1], each 8h, p.o.; Vetnil, Louveira), ursacol (15mg [kg.sup.-1], each 24h, p.o.; Zambon, Sao Paulo), ceftriaxone (30mg [kg.sup.-1], each 12h, subcutaneous; Cellofarm, Serra) and metronidazole (10mg [kg.sup.-1], each 12h, i.v.; Sanofi Aventis, Sao Paulo).