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Jean G.A., French physician, 1786-1851. See: Lugol iodine solution.
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Aqueous iodine (Lugol's solution) or alcoholic iodine solutions are most commonly used as antiseptics, due to which the iodine segment is the fastest-growing segment in the market during the forecast period.
To prepare the laminas for microscopic analysis and quantifying the number of oocyts per defecation (OoPD), we used the fecal smear examination stained with Lugol solution by light microscopy, spontaneous sedimentation and centrifugation-flotation technique (DE CARLI, 2001).
Microscopic methods (Lugol, Giemsa, and trichrome), culture, and molecular (PCR) methods are used in the diagnosis of B.
Laboratuvarimiza gelen tum diski ornekleri ilk olarak herhangi bir islem uygulanmadan salin solusyonu ve lugol boyasi ile boyanip x20 ve x40'lik objektifler araciligiyla direk mikroskobik incelemeleri yapilmistir.
The application of 4% acetic acid or Lugol's iodine are techniques that can enhance the detection of dysplastic vaginal mucosa.
After flooding with Lugol's iodine, yellowish white band against the red background on gel was appeared.
Since last seventy years, use of antiseptic such as Lugol's iodine is practiced in the country and is considered as an alternative for antibiotics at field level.
A la muestra acuosa (AQ1) se les determino la presencia de: fenoles-taninos (Fe[Cl.sub.3]), polisacaridos (Lugol), azucares reductores (Fehling), saponinas (espuma), y alcaloides (Dragendorff).
One popular form of supplemental iodine is known as Lugol's iodine.