Luer syringe

Lu·er sy·ringe

(lū'er sir-inj')
A glass syringe with a metal tip and locking device to secure the needle; used for hypodermic and intravenous injections and phlebotomy.


German instrument maker, d. 1883.
Luer curette
Luer forceps
Luer needle
Luer reconstruction plate
Luer retractor
Luer rongeur
Luer scoop
Luer speculum
Luer suction cannula adapter
Luer syringe - a glass syringe used for hypodermic and intravenous purposes. Synonym(s): Luer-Lok syringe
Luer tracheal cannula
Luer tube
Luer-Lok syringe - Synonym(s): Luer syringe
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Advasept Lock attaches to a luer syringe, combining a safe, convenient and functional container closure with the security of an advanced aseptic filling solution.
The Luer syringe became the standard syringe until the introduction of the Record syringe, made in Berlin by Dewitt and Herz around about 1906.
Never use a standard luer syringe for oral medications or enteric feedings.
1,7 / syringes 50c catheter type - 7,000; 1,8 / syringes 50c with three-piece center cone for perfusor - 11,000 pcs; 1,9 / washing syringes 150ml janet - sterile - 500 pcs; 1,10 / luer syringe needles 27g; 26g; 25g; 23g; 22g; 21g; 20g, 19g; 18g - 390,000; 1,11 / spinal needles 18g, 19g, 20g, 22g and 25g - 90mm - 2600 pcs; 1,12 / lumbar puncture needle 20 g (09/75) - 250 pcs; 1.13 / port-catheter needles 20g x 20mm - 300 pcs .; 1,14 / port-catheter needles 20g x 15mm - 200 pcs; 1,15 / port-catheter needles with extender, Bracket, Luer locking tip and safety locking system, Shoulder grip for safe needle closure 18g x 20mm - 100 pcs; No.
The first partial tender is estimated at a total of 1.98 million pieces / year "two-piece luer syringe cone ~technical specification within that framework agreement, the purchase of the tender documents of Pcs University Clinical Centre for 36 months during the period indicated below.
including: razor (2 pieces), a sponge on a stick (2 pieces), gauze, adhesive plaster for the treatment of fenestration (1pc), paper towels (2 pieces), luer syringe (1 pc), 23G needle (1pc,) 18G needle ( 1 pc.), scalpel 11 (1 pc), scalpel NR15 (1 pc), Adson forceps with teeth (1 pc), skin tag (1pc), mosquito forceps curved (1 pc), needle holder (1pc), a small retractor (1 pc), cephalic hand drill with adjustable bracket (1 pc), drill 5/32 "with an adjustable stop (1 pc), drill 1/4" with adjustable stopper (1 pc), Allen wrench (1 pc), tray preparative (1pc), tray (1 pc), 4-0 nylon th
Contract notice: supply of disposable 2-piece luer syringes to the centers dependent on the health service of the balearic islands
These valves are available in polycarbonate and copolyester materials, and are compatible with all industry standard luer syringes and connectors.
The valve stems and bodies will mate securely with all standard luer syringes and luer connectors.
- 5000; 1.7 needles for luer syringes 18 g / 20 g / 22 g / 23 g / 18 g 1; / 27 g 3/4, pcs.