Luer syringe

Lu·er sy·ringe

(lū'er sir-inj')
A glass syringe with a metal tip and locking device to secure the needle; used for hypodermic and intravenous injections and phlebotomy.


German instrument maker, d. 1883.
Luer curette
Luer forceps
Luer needle
Luer reconstruction plate
Luer retractor
Luer rongeur
Luer scoop
Luer speculum
Luer suction cannula adapter
Luer syringe - a glass syringe used for hypodermic and intravenous purposes. Synonym(s): Luer-Lok syringe
Luer tracheal cannula
Luer tube
Luer-Lok syringe - Synonym(s): Luer syringe
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including: razor (2 pieces), a sponge on a stick (2 pieces), gauze, adhesive plaster for the treatment of fenestration (1pc), paper towels (2 pieces), luer syringe (1 pc), 23G needle (1pc,) 18G needle ( 1 pc.
Yellowone Needle Cap is a patented lid, which inexpensively and easily converts regular soda cans into safe and permanent disposal containers for used luer syringe needles.
The unique design of Yellowone Needle Cap will significantly reduce needle sticks and the re-use of needles, by offering a safe and permanent solution to the disposal of used luer syringe needles," said Trine Sig, Managing Director of Bestnet.
The Luer syringe became the standard syringe until the introduction of the Record syringe, made in Berlin by Dewitt and Herz around about 1906.
Never use a standard luer syringe for oral medications or enteric feedings.
In their Sentinel Event Alert released April 3, 2006, the Joint Commission stated that a standard luer syringe should "never" be used for oral medications or enteral feedings.
In the Alert, JCAHO states that a standard luer syringe should "never" be used for oral medications or enteral feedings.
These dispensers are more accurate for drug delivery than teaspoons or graduated cups and safer than using luer syringes for oral medications.