early 20th-century German instrument maker.


German instrument maker, d. 1883.
Luer curette
Luer forceps
Luer needle
Luer reconstruction plate
Luer retractor
Luer rongeur
Luer scoop
Luer speculum
Luer suction cannula adapter
Luer syringe - a glass syringe used for hypodermic and intravenous purposes. Synonym(s): Luer-Lok syringe
Luer tracheal cannula
Luer tube
Luer-Lok syringe - Synonym(s): Luer syringe
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The device includes a closed vial adapter that helps provide closed access to liquid or powder vials for reconstitution; an intravenous dry spike that helps provide closed access to an IV bag for addition and removal of a drug or solution; and a closed male Luer valve that helps provide closed transfer of a diluent or drug from a standard male Luer tip in a syringe or administration set.
And rookie striker Greg Luer, 20, (below) is helping the Tigers banish their relegation blues.
The tubes and catheters that carry oxygen, medication, nutrients, and fluids to hospital patients have been connected to delivery systems via universally designed, small-bore luer connectors.
Connections include male luer slip, male luer lock, male luer with spin lock, rotating male luer lock, female luer lock and tubing ports ranging from 0.
Luer and his colleagues have taken shark research in surprising and promising new directions to learn what sharks and rays can teach us about disease resistance.
base Qosina Corporation now offers the SRC small-bore connector from Colder Products Company, which are designed to eliminate the potential for misconnection with luer fittings.
Options include part 80183 (Male Luer Slip [MLS] Outlet Port, Female Luer Slip [FLS] Inlet Port, and Female Luer Lock [FLL] Control Port, 1 psi Cracking Pressure [CP]), 80186 (MLS Outlet Port, FLS Inlet Port, FLL Control Port, 1.
Female luer connections maximize clarity and minimize visual interference from handles.
El genero Teagueia (Luer) Luer inicialmente fue propuesto por Luer (1986) como subgenero dentro del genero Platystele.
The V-OVS closure system, designed to give a prefilled syringe system effective protection features, consists of a tip cap, a Vetter Luer Lock and a tamper-evident seal.
a leading medical device manufacturer headquartered in New Jersey, has received 510 (k) clearance to sell their SwabCap(TM) Luer Access Valve Disinfection Cap.
Coiled tubing sets with a male luer and female luer bonded at each end are also available in 91cm and 122cm lengths.