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Ludwig, German physician and pathologist, 1818-1876.
Traube bruit - a triple cadence to the heart sounds at rates of 100 beats per minute or more, usually indicative of serious disease. Synonym(s): gallop
Traube corpuscle - a hypochromic, crescent-shaped erythrocyte, probably resulting from artifactual rupture of a red cell with loss of hemoglobin. Synonym(s): achromocyte
Traube double tone - a double sound heard on auscultation over the femoral vessels in cases of aortic and tricuspid insufficiency.
Traube dyspnea - obsolete term for inspiratory dyspnea with maximal expansion of the chest and a slow respiratory rhythm.
Traube plugs - Synonym(s): Dittrich plugs
Traube semilunar space - a crescentic space about 12 cm wide, just above the costal margin.
Traube sign - a double sound or murmur heard in auscultation over arteries in significant aortic regurgitation.
Traube-Hering curves - rhythmical variations in blood pressure. Synonym(s): Traube-Hering waves
Traube-Hering waves - Synonym(s): Traube-Hering curves
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