Balduin, U.S. pathologist, 1889-1954. See: Lucké virus.


George A., German surgeon, 1829-1894. See: Lücke test.
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Martin Luthers Werke: Kritische Gesamtausgabe (often referred to as the "Weimarer Ausgabe," hereinafter WA, 136 volumes) edited by Wilhelm Lucke, Otto Albrecht, and Hans Joachim Moser (Weimar: Hermann Bohlau, 1923), which provided the scholarly background for more popular editions, such as those edited by Hans Preuss and Ernst Schmidt (Luthers Lieder [Leipzig: G.
Smart Technology such as sensors, actors, and autonomous systems are equipped and therefore the factory can be autonomously controlled (Lucke, Constantinescu, & Westkamper, 2008).
The first generation of the AfD, embodied by its leadership under Bernd Lucke, still underestimated the significance of semantics capable of binding voters.
London: Although the liquidity buffer amendments to the EU draft covered bonds directive, published in a draft report presented to the European Parliament's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) by their rapporteur Bernd Lucke on 10 September 2018, are meant to increase the safety of covered bonds, Fitch Ratings says they lack clarity and may be complicated to implement.
An Australian survey on attitudes among the general population has shown that conceptualizing addiction as a brain disease is not associated with less stigmatization or less support for involuntary treatment or other punitive approaches to addiction (Meurk, Carter, Partridge, Lucke & Hall, 2014).
German scholar Gottfried Christian Friedrich Lucke introduced the German term "Apokalyptik," used as a noun, in an 1832 introduction to the biblical Book of Revelation, also known as the Apocalypse of John.
Both self-leadership (self-goal setting and self-observation) and mindfulness are closely related to self-regulatory processes and exhibit positive effects on mental health (see, e.g., Canby, Cameron, Calhoun, & Buchanan, 2015; Lucke & Furtner, 2015; Unsworth & Mason, 2012) and job performance (e.g., Furtner et al., 2015; Phang, Mukhtar, Ibrahim, Keng, & Mohd, 2015).
"I think it's illegitimate of Mr Sorosto instrumentalise the ECB for his own political purposes," Bernd Lucke, a German conservative member of the European Parliament, said on Friday.
Descripto en la literatura en 1870 por Lucke y Weinlecher, recien en 1937 Watt Eagle, lo definio como la elongacion de la apofisis y la osificacion del complejo estiloideo [1,3,4].
One factor is that it still appears to be divided, two years after the split it underwent in June 2015 when founding party leader and economics professor Bernd Lucke was voted out, left the party and formed a new one.