lucid dreaming

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lucid dreaming,

n a dream in which the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming.
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Importantly, those who reported success using the MILD technique were significantly less sleep deprived the next day, indicating that lucid dreaming did not have any negative effect on sleep quality.
Dream characteristics in a Brazilian sample: an online survey focusing on lucid dreaming.
Unlike most other books on the subject, Dream Yoga advocates lucid dreaming not for its own sake, but as a spiritual practice.
Keith Hearne, who was responsible for the world's first laboratory verification of lucid dreaming (1975) and inventor of the first lucid dream induction device.
The differences in volumes in the anterior prefrontal cortex between lucid dreamers and non-lucid dreamers suggest that lucid dreaming and metacognition are indeed closely connected.
In this article, I'll provide an overview of lucid dreaming, including methods for cultivating such dreams, their potential for accessing information and creative problem-solving, and, most importantly, their capability to tap into new mind-body-spirit healing energies.
Young children seem to have lucid dreams more frequently, and the frequency drops at about age 16, which suggests that lucid dreaming might be a natural phenomenon occurring in a developing brain but could be lost in adulthood," the researchers said.
Beyond this threshold, however, the lucid dreaming encouraged by celluloid quickly gives way to a much more conscious and simultaneously embodied experience as one enters a room crammed with auratic objects: artifacts of production (a collection of the director's favored lenses) and distribution (a floor-to-ceiling hanging of film posters) alongside the archival residue of his early still-camera work.
This moment of awareness and decisionmaking is a moment of lucidity occurring during the dreaming state and gives this type of dream its name: lucid dreaming.
In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the object of lucid dreaming is to come to recognize waking and dreaming as the same, that both are illusion, and that conscious dreamwork can lead one to the realization of wholeness, perfect balance, and unity.
According to Allan Hobson, a dream researcher and professor of psychiatry emeritus at Harvard University, lucid dreaming is a rare occurrence.
10) is most interesting; however, the definition of lucid dreaming is incomplete.