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Richard C., English anatomist and surgeon, 1846-1915. See: Lucas groove.
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Mr Tatlow said that Lucas, who earned PS37,500 a year, had been paying himself twice, with a monthly salary going into one bank account in the name of J Lucas and another in the name JD Lucas.
Evangelista also assailed Lucas for not informing the VACC of her filing of a certificate of candidacy for city councilor of Mabalacat City in Pampanga.
Ms Lucas said she approached the gender affairs department in 2015 to seek some funding and her application was approved in June 2016.
Lucas's mum Danielle, 27, and Frazer had been prepared for their son's health problems since before he was born after the issue was detected during pregnancy.
As Gabby was speaking to Lucas, colleagues were working in the background to trace and contact his mum, Alex, which they successfully did within minutes of Lucas's call.
Lucas takes up his role immediately and will report to Bob Katzman, chief actuary, Argo Group.
Last year little Lucas helped the charity to put up its Christmas tree, delivered ice cream during this summer's heatwave and regularly donates bottles of squash or long life milk to the cafe that he buys from the supermarket.
Lucas said that with state funding being cut for homeless shelters, it is more important than ever to raise money for them in new and creative ways.
Eleazar Alaira, Rizal provincial environmental officer, said Lucas headed the DENR-Rizal Compliance Monitoring and Investigation Unit.
An autopsy to be performed Friday will confirm the body's identity but "it is likely Lucas," Wichita police chief Gordon Ramsay said at a news conference.