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Samples from the patient we describe tested negative for AChR and MuSK antibodies, but testing against LRP4 antibodies gave positive results in an external laboratory and borderline positive results in an in-house live cell-based assay (10).
In contrast, the patient we describe experienced more severe weakness at a much earlier point, and his serum sample tested positive for LRP4 autoantibodies, suggesting an association between MG and the acute leptospirosis.
We thank Angela Vincent, David Beeson, and Lin Mei for use of their LRP4 plasmids.
Despite Dkk1 also having the capacity to bind Lrp4, it is currently unknown whether or not its levels are affected by Lrp4 deletion [68].
Kuehn et al., "Mutations in the gene encoding the low-density lipoprotein receptor LRP4 cause abnormal limb development in the mouse," Genomics, vol.
Chadi et al., "Identification of a doublet missense substitution in the bovine LRP4 gene as a candidate causal mutation for syndactyly in Holstein cattle," Genomics, vol.
Sequence variants in six genes were associated with decreased SF risk: NR3C1, AR, VDR, CALCR, COL1A2, and LRP4 (Table 2).
In this pilot study the association of SF with 25 sequence variants within the following 9 genes: NRC31, ANKH, VDR, ROR2, CALCR, IL6, COL1A2, CBG, and LRP4 were assessed.
CATCCT 14.5 (9.75) 1.82 (1.03-3.22, p = .04) LRP4 SNP rs2306033 A/G-A/A (G/G) .39 (.21-0.72, p = .002) Gen #Model analysis CD OD NR3C1 CD CD D CD CD ANKH D D VDR OD CD (1st block) CD (2nd block) ROR2 CD CD (block 5a) CD CD D CALCR CD R CD CD CD IL6 R R R COL1A2 R CD D D CBG OD CD LRP4 D Inducer marker / Protective marker (Italic style).
A missing piece was how agrin and LRP4 get together.
The new study shows that in the space between the neuron and its muscle cell, agrin and LRP4 first form two diverse work teams: each team has one agrin and one LRP4.
Most recently, GHSU researchers also helped identify LRP4 as an antibody target.