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(lō′zē-ər), Clemence Sophia Harned 1813-1888.
An American physician who, in 1863, founded the New York Medical College and Hospital for Women.
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"There are many processes that we recognize are specific to the medical device industry and we've built a series of configurations and best practices that address these needs," continued Lozier. "This allows our customers to have a stronger foundation of processes, with considerable breadth and depth, which has already been 'started' for them."
Vacuuming at least once per week was linked to reduced loadings of atrazine in residential dust in homes of pesticide handlers (not statistically significant) (Lozier et al.
They are first class people making a first class product," said Lozier.
"Two girls got really loud, and all of a sudden one of them had put her purse strap over the other's head and was choking her," says Lozier, principal of Streamwood High School in School District U-46, in Elgin, Ill.
"Debit programs often grew out of credit union checking accounts, not credit card programs, and thus, might lack the same sorts of software or back office support that credit cards have," Lozier explained, adding that debit cards are also, in a sense, two cards in one.
It is important to note that even in a stable process, quality improvement can still be undertaken to reduce the variation that arises from common causes (Lozier and Teeter, 1993).
* Excellence in Retail (tie)--Susan Lozier Robert, Frederick's Pastries, Amherst; Curt Jacques, West Lebanon Feed & Supply
Tim Lozier, Strategic Development Manager, EtQ, Provider of Quality and FDA Compliance Management Software Solutions
O'Brien, Jack Dyer, Dave Lozier, Fred Wirth, Richard Fimmel, Herb Lassen, Frank McDonald, Bruce Murray, Ed Stone, James Van Allen.
Jeff Lozier, an entomologist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, was worried that some people may have been too uncritical in applying the technique.
Singapore, June 26, 2009 - (ACN Newswire) - International membrane technology expert Jim Lozier will address attendees of Singapore International Water Week to discuss "Advances in Seawater Desalination."