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The science concerned with the production and effects of very low temperatures, particularly temperatures around that of liquid helium (< 4.25 K).
[cryo- + G. -gen, producing]
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Paraloid EXL-3600 series MBS tougheners for engineering resins give superior low-temperature impact resistance.
Edenol epoxy plasticizers, low-temperature and specialty polymeric plasticizers.
Table 6: Global Low-Temperature Central Sterilization Marketby Leading Players (2013): Percentage Breakdown of VolumeShare for 3M, Advanced Sterilization Products (J&J), Getinge,and STERIS (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-10Select Leading Low Temperature Sterilization EquipmentManufacturers II-10EtO - Changing Face II-10Electron-beam Emerges as a Key Radiation Method II-11Emerging Technologies Bode Potential II-11X-Ray Technology - The Future of Radiation Sterilization II-11Nitrogen Dioxide Sterilization II-12Ultra High Pressure Homogenization II-13Solarclave Technology II-13Pulsed Light Technology for Produce Sterilization II-13CO2 Technology II-13Microwave Sterilization II-14
Compared to HNBRs with higher Mooney viscosities, all of the grades within the Zetpol 4300 Series have better processability, improved low-temperature tensile strengths, reduced compression sets and improved retention of properties after aging, according to the company.
In low-temperature superconductors the pairs form through an interaction with an acoustical wave in the crystal lattice called a phonon.
DALSA's semiconductor division, which is based in Bromont, Quebec, Canada, will use the Gemini Production Wafer Bonder to leverage its patented and patent-pending low-temperature wafer bonding and wafer-level packaging technologies.
First generation low-temperature HNBR polymers with 25% and 17% acrylonitrile content (ACN) have good low temperature properties.
However, another form of relation between ion and electron spins, called the Kondo effect, could lead to either a magnetic or a non-magnetic low-temperature state and might facilitate the appearance of superconductivity.
Coblation uses low-temperature radiofrequency energy to gently and precisely dissolve rather than burn soft tissue, minimizing damage to healthy tissue.
New polycarbonate and PC/ABS resins are claimed to offer good impact resistance and low-temperature ductility for injection molded instrument panels.
It was developed to combine low-temperature resistance with the benefits of a fully saturated HNBR.
This summer, a team of oceanographers on its way to track down the exact sites of the low-temperature hydrothermal vents, or undersea geysers, it had found on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge last year (SN:10/20/84, p.