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n the return in money from one's business, practice, or capital invested; gains, profit.
income tax,
n a tax upon an adjusted gross income (individual or corporate) imposed as a major source of governmental revenue at the state and federal levels.


financial return from a project or for help provided.

income elasticity
see demand elasticity.
net income
gross income less costs.
income over feed cost
a rough indicator of the profitability of an animal enterprise based principally on fattening of young livestock, e.g. in a feedlot. The fixed costs are the depreciation on the installation and labor, the variable costs are the price of cattle and the feed.
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Micro financial institutions especially community development organizations are offering low premium products to farming community and low-income group.
These trains will reserve 60 per cent accommodation for the youth and passengers of low-income group, while the remaining accommodation will be available to all other passengers.
In this case the low-income groups are much less likely to subscribe to or buy newspapers or read direct mail, but are much more likely to listen to urban radio.
I think it's that all low-income groups fail to understand that they can go to college," he says.
Increasing the take-up and duration of breast-feeding for new mothers, especially those in low-income groups.
The fund's purpose was to create an alternative for resources for low-income groups.
Work opportunity tax credit: This credit replaced the targeted `jobs tax credit program; it applies to employers who meet certain criteria and hire targeted low-income groups, such as individuals who are (1) Social Security recipients or (2) certified vocational rehabilitation referrals.
Modifications to the child tax credit, the child and dependent care tax credit, and the earned income tax credit benefit low-income groups the most.
The project will be carried out by the Fondo de Inversion Social para el Desarrollo Local (FISDL), an agency specializing in small-scale infrastructure assistance to low-income groups.
But the current problems in Los Angeles suggest an ominous future for students here, particularly in minority and low-income groups that traditionally face extra obstacles to college success.
Under the 1996 act, employers hiring new employees from one of seven targeted low-income groups can receive a tax credit of up to $2,100 per employee.

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