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J.L., 20th-century English dermatologist. See: Lovibond angle, Lovibond profile sign.
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The malt is rated for color at 50 Lovibond, with DP 140, Alpha Amylase 50, and is packaged in 40-lb, foil-lined bags.
The Lovibond CAM-System 500 employs digital image processing techniques to quantify surface color and visual appearance replicating human perception of products versus approved samples.
She also sent a dog-lover's message with actress Ophelia L ib d C Lovibond. Caz kept it up until noon on Saturday, telling followers she'd "made friends with a balloon".
Meanwhile, Gwyn Lovibond (Team Wallis) maintained his good run of results with fourth place in Sunday's British National Junior Road Race Series, the Tom Simpson Memorial at Doncaster.
We also flash back to the summer of 1999, when student Karen meets Rex and his glamorous sister Biba (Ophelia Lovibond) and finds herself caught up in their hedonistic party lifestyle.
Rhyl CC's Welsh international Gwyn Lovibond took the under-16 section in style.
The former Upton High School lad will appear alongside the deliciously titled Ophelia Lovibond - last seen in Lennon biopic Nowhere Boy - and Montserrat Lombard, a St Trinian's 2 girl.
IN this tale of four friends who unwittingly become embroiled in a London diamond heist, Ophelia Lovibond is the pick of the cast as the emotionally unstable Shannon.
Emotionally unstable Shannon Ophelia Lovibond), ditzy socialite Cassandra (Tamsin Egerton), fiercely independent Kerrys (Shanika Warren-Markland) and supermarket checkout worker Jo (Emma Roberts) are best friends who unwittingly become embroiled in a diamond heist that has gripped London.
Emotionally ditzy socialite Cassandra Kerrys (Ophelia Lovibond), worker fiercely independent (Tamsin Egerton), and checkout (Shanika Warren-Markland) Jo (Emma Roberts) are friends who unwittingly heist that has in a diamond become embroiled gripped London.
Matters come to a head when her son (Wilby) and his children (Ophelia Lovibond and Toby Marlow) arrive.
The company says that the organic version of Briess Black Malt has the same characteristics as its conventional counterpart (500[degrees] Lovibond) and, like all Briess organic malts, is USDA Certified Organic.