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The expression of emotional pain that follows when one person continues to love another and that love is not reciprocated to the degree desired
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Since Calderon assigns the song agency in infecting the villagers with lovesickness, we may judge the merit of Repertorio's version of "amor/olvido" according to the song's potential to create similar feelings in the audience member.
But I have to give some merit to the statistics compiled by Elite Singles after the company surveyed 501 UK singles about their experience of lovesickness.
This ballata''s lexicon is that of Day Four, harnessed to the lovesickness that generated Filostrato's topic yet featured so little in the day's tales, as demonstrated by his word choice: lagrimando, dolore, core, tradito, martiro, errore, inganno, abbandonato, danno, affanno, valore, pianto, infiammato, ardore, morte, crudele, furore, trista, amara.
Although Chaucer's narrator begins the dream vision with a discussion of Love, who "Astonyeth with his wonderful werkynge" (5), he proceeds to speculate about other causes than lovesickness for the specific images that direct his dream, tracing them, of course, to texts.
In Ibn-Jazzar's Liber de heros morbo, translated by student of Constantine the African, Johannes Afflacius, the disease of lovesickness is attributed to an "intense obsessive desire" for a beloved that remains unfulfilled.
LM Robert Frost said, "A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness.
Winkler 1990, 87-91, for the argument that the spellcaster aims to create in the victim the symptoms of lovesickness s/he feels.
When I was told what it was, the fact that I hadn't keeled over in convulsions led me to one conclusion - my childhood illness must have been just a bad case of lovesickness for a man named Bond.
10) Strong sees the natural landscape surrounding Herbert as an antidote to lovesickness, citing Burton's words "what is more pleasant than to walk alone in some solitary grove, betwixt wood and water, by a Brook side, to meditate upon some delightsome and pleasant subject" (Elizabethan Image 67).
Previously, maybe Ellida thinks that the stranger is also afflicted with the lovesickness of missing the sea all day and all night just like herself, but now the reality has broken her fantasy and she cannot really see herself in the stranger.
In his words, the Japanese teacher expressed his lovesickness, sadness, and regret to his lover--Tomoko.
The second was dominated by the first and suffered from an extreme version of lovesickness directed at a student whom he never addressed.