Love Bombing

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A technique used in cult recruiting, in which membership in the cult is intimately linked to love and attachment which engender complete loyalty to the cause.
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The love-bombing is designed to demonstrate the Scottish Government's commitment to do all it can to help EU citizens stay in the country.
Brussels may be baffled as to why majorities in Wales and England voted to leave but it has not implemented a love-bombing exercise to try to persuade us to stay.
So many firms direct their resources into love-bombing us while they're selling, but treat us as a nuisance when they've got our money.
WHEN it eventually arrived, Rafa Benitez's second unveiling at St James' Park was less of a battle cry and more of a love-bombing.
Tory love-bombing ahead of the indy ref persuaded many that Clyde shipyard jobs were safe.
The squad's bizarre love-bombing of McClaren -- which seemed to have the hand of PR advisor Keith Bishop behind it -- contrasted sharply with a performance that had none of the hallmarks of a team fighting to keep their coach in a job.
The Prime Minister's speech last week about Scottish independence represented an abrupt shift in strategy from head to heart; from contempt to love-bombing. In place of dire threats, this was a warm embrace of Scotland as a crucial and valued member of the beloved UK family.
Butterworth's account ends with the famous unmasking of Azef, the role of Father Gapon in the 1905 Russian Revolution, the curiously kid gloves treatment of the Bolsheviks by antebellum Tsarist authorities and their love-bombing by the Germans during the Great War itself.
Moonie "love-bombing" was a recruitment technique designed to make lonely people feel part of a loving community, to reject their families and to hand over their possessions.
YET more evidence of Labour love-bombing the Lib-Dems, as an anti-Tory pact grows ever more likely, came when Lord Mandelson popped up on the radio to condemn the "frankly disgusting" smears.
Mr Brown's clumsy attempts at "love-bombing" Mr Clegg failed.
That said, McCain seems to have decided to win by love-bombing the Big Media and putting miles between himself and the base.