Love Wave

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A type of seismic surface wave with a horizontal motion perpendicular to the direction the wave is travelling
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On the other side, in case a shear source is adopted, the produced Love waves are recorded along the T component.
(128) However, the FK spectrum of TT shows the first and second overtones of Love waves above 0.1 Hz, the energy of which is trapped in the crust (Fig.
A note on Love waves in a homogeneous crust overlying an inhomogeneous substratum, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 52(3): 639- 645.
[21] studied a three-layer structure model for the effect of a soft middle layer on Love waves propagating in layered piezoelectric systems.
SH direction corresponds mainly to Love waves, which normally represents the most destructive part of the ground shaking.
To investigate the possibility of love waves in a fibre-reinforced thermoelastic solid media, we replace medium [M.sub.2] that is obtained by two horizontal plane surfaces at a distance H-apart, while [M.sub.1] remains infinite.
He, "Properties of Love waves in layered piezoelectric structures," International Journal of Solids and Structures, vol.
Sato studied the propagation of Love waves in a layer with sharp change in thickness while De Noyer considered the same in a layer over a half space with sinusoidal interface.
When applying the SPAC method it is only necessary to gather the vertical component to obtain Rayleigh waves and avoid any kind of interference due to the presence of Love waves, making the analysis easier (Aki, 1957).
For these reasons, various authors have for instance considered Love waves as well (Winsborrow et al., 2003; O'Neill et al., 2006; Safani et al., 2005; Dal Moro, 2014).