Love Wave

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A type of seismic surface wave with a horizontal motion perpendicular to the direction the wave is travelling
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128) However, the FK spectrum of TT shows the first and second overtones of Love waves above 0.
The dominance of Rayleigh waves suggests a pressure source in the ocean, whereas dominance of Love waves suggests shear traction at the seafloor.
Applications of Love Wave Dispersion for Improved Shear-wave Velocity Imaging.
2003, Acquisition and inversion of Love wave data to measure the lateral variability of geo-acoustic properties of marine sediments.
Based on dispersion (32), numerical results are provided to show the propagation characteristics of Love waves in an initially stressed anisotropic porous layer over an orthotropic half-space.
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20] delivered his idea on the propagation of Love waves in functionally graded piezoelectric materials.
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Periods of G waves lie in the range from about 50 to 350s, corresponding to a flat portion of the group velocity curve for Love waves, which has been extended up to periods of around 700s (Burne, Benioff and Ewing 1961).
s] using short-period Love wave group velocities from quarry blasts.
1961, "The effect of variations in layer thickness of Love waves," Bull Seis Soc.
Due to the heterogeneity, we can find Rayleigh waves at the transverse component and Love waves at the radial component.