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The expression of emotional pain that follows when one person continues to love another and that love is not reciprocated to the degree desired
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These are that the first scene of Fernando de Rojas's Celestina, in which Calisto is rebuffed by Melibea, is a dream-vision that should be read in the light of medieval dream theory, that Calisto is in the grip of amor hereos, love sickness so intense that it endangers health and life itself, and that his melancholy temperament (in the technical medieval sense of a predominance of the melancholic humour or black bile) makes him particularly susceptible to amor hereos.
The canon considers the role of emotions in health, noting that music can benefit patients and that love sickness can masquerade as more organic ailments.
Although they inevitably end up enjoying another passionate day of bedrest, there is one antidote to their love sickness.