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Jules, French physician, 1829-1883. See: Parrot disease.


any of a group of birds in the family Psittacidae which also includes cockatoos and lories. All are characterized by curved beaks with the lower one fitting inside the larger upper beak when they are closed. The typical parrots are the macaws, parakeets, lovebirds and budgerigars. They are characterized by their bright plumage, their gift of mimicry and their popularity as pets.

parrot fever
parrot mouth
serious malocclusion of the incisors with the upper arcade protruding beyond the lower. Called also overshot. See also brachygnathia.
parrot pox
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05 Curragh 1pt win at 4-1 with Paddy Power Love Bird 3.
For example, a counterpart to Love Birds was the diminutive Beetle, 2002.
Dogs are anyway not favoured pets in Islamic countries, so please visit the nearest pet shop and get some love birds and move on with life.
Iran also exported 1,100 ornamental birds (including love birds and canary) to Kuwait.
Staff at the Living Coasts Zoo in Torquay asked Edinburgh to help turn them into love birds.
I love birds and have used them as a motif for many of my handcrafted jewelry pieces" said Rowe.
One of the reasons I love birds is that they have something I do not: wings.
As the latest offering by real-life love birds Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, Gigli, illustrates, this fantasy inevitably leads not only to relationship friction but to audience punishment.
The Love Birds Starbucks Card and Nest Carrier are the perfect way to brighten someone's day this spring and the Coffee Break Gift Pack ($24.
amp;nbsp;The love birds, who are about to share their fourth wedding anniversary, looked like newlyweds during their stay at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Lake Tahoe.
Festivals are notorious for bringing love birds together and celebrities are not exempt.
The film, which screened in Tel Aviv last week, follows the life of Mahmoud, his return to Palestine after 26 years of absence, his love affair with Rita and the hand-written letters he had once written her declaring his love for the dancer, in addition to a number of pictures that brought the two love birds together.