Love Wave

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A type of seismic surface wave with a horizontal motion perpendicular to the direction the wave is travelling
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These pressure sources cannot explain the observed Love wave excitations or the observed overtones of spheroidal modes.
TT shows a weak but definite first overtone branch of Love waves, whereas ZZ and RR show branches of overtones expressed as several lines.
2003, Acquisition and inversion of Love wave data to measure the lateral variability of geo-acoustic properties of marine sediments.
For these reasons, various authors have for instance considered Love waves as well (Winsborrow et al.
The classical dispersion relation of Love wave has been obtained in particular cases as Love [29].
Love wave propagating in the piezoelectric materials is extensively used in sensors and transducers.
Sato studied the propagation of Love waves in a layer with sharp change in thickness while De Noyer considered the same in a layer over a half space with sinusoidal interface.
This is well-known equation for Love waves in a homogeneous isotropic layer over a homogeneous isotropic half space.
Anisotropy plays an important role as well but for its determination Love wave tomography would be needed.
It enables us to show the difference between two Love wave modes.
A note on Love waves in a homogeneous crust overlying an inhomogeneous substratum, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 52(3): 639- 645.
Love waves are registered only in the horizontal components whereas Rayleigh waves, which are polarized in the vertical plane, are registered both in horizontal and in vertical components.