Love Drug

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Drug abuse A popular term for ecstasy/MDMA or depressants
Sexology A popular term for any agent that address erectile dysfunction, including Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra
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And chocolate has an in-built "love drug", phenylethlamine, which is the same chemical released in the brain when we fall in love.
LOVE drug Viagra has produced a side effect its makers didn't count on - saving wildlife.
THE expected deaths from the "love drug" Viagra are now coming to light.
It's known as the "love drug" because it boosts pleasure and arousal and is released during sex.
In the movie Hopkins plays 71-year-old college professor Cameron Silk who beds pretty caretaker Faunia Farley - played by Nicole - thanks to the wonders of love drug Viagra.
A love drug which promises to help men perform 12-hour sex marathons is set to arrive in Britain.
Four pupils at a top fee-paying school have been suspended over a "love drug".
LOVE drug Viagra is in for some stiff competition from a rival sex product.
Denise Palfreeman, of the Chocolate Society, said: " It feels delicious on your tongue and releases a sort of love drug. "
Crystal Atkins, 19, said balding Bryan tried to give her a "love drug" and offered to suck her toes like he did with the Duchess.