Love Drug

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Drug abuse A popular term for ecstasy/MDMA or depressants
Sexology A popular term for any agent that address erectile dysfunction, including Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra
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Dan Kirkby, a spokesman for the Healthy Lifestyle Centre, makers of the love drug, said PJ Ellis put his name forward after they appeared together on Channel 4's Ri:se programme yesterday.
Some edgy, agonizing moments prop up the second installment (particularly involving Stiles and her life on the streets as a single mother) after an aimless, warp-speed opening two-hours that sprints through Vietnam, lunch counter sit-ins in the South, the JFK assassination, the roots of the antiwar movement, the free love drug culture in San Francisco and Berkeley, the Beatles and the British Invasion, the rise of Martin Luther King Jr.
Dr Thompson set up The Private Clinic, which is licensed by the health authority to prescribe the pills, after a number of his patients came to him seeking the love drug.
The research was done by a St Andrew's University team for tonight's Panorama: The Love Drug.
The romantic love drug helps us focus on one person because being with them makes us feel so good.
The feel of the album is the total reverse from 1995's Grown Man when Loudon was high on the love drug.
But some doctors say it is not when a love drug pops up on the market, but just what form it takes that will give it real appeal to women.
Back in August 2000, Tesco earned heaps of publicity by announcing that a survey of the store's pharmacies showed that Norwich - previously home of floral decorations and mustard - had topped the national league table for the consumption of the love drug.
He even claimed that his manhood grew bigger after he started taking the egg-based love drug.
Unfortunately, the love drug really kicked in when his editor decided she fancied him, too.
LOVE drug Viagra may go on sale in Ireland as early as next week.