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The pivotal literary device of the Love Bug is a tragic irony, indeed the central irony of the Internet itself: the deeper our immersion in the high-tech fantasy of total connection--global, immediate, unceasing--the more keenly we feel the loneliness that haunts all human life.
Legitimate concern about the Love Bug was subsequently exploited by anti-virus companies, which hyped a series of viruses that posed little threat to computer users.
When the Love Bug struck, the Federal Reserve had state-of-the-art procedures and controls in place for responding to and managing cyber-related incidents, including computer viruses.
The make-your- own Love Bug and Love Bear are available for $16 each and are the perfect Valentine's Day gifts.
The Love Bug tour starts today on the upper level of Nuneaton's Ropewalk shopping centre from noon until 2.
Many people have been struck by the love bug after gazing at the features of Anna Kornikova.
When there's a fast moving virus like the Love Bug, for instance, it takes a few hours for the anti-virus companies to find out about them, protect against them, and get those updates out to customers," says Graham Cluley, head of corporate communications for anti-virus software maker Sophos Inc.
Philippine prosecutors have reportedly dropped all charges against the computer student who was alleged to be the author of the devastating Love Bug virus earlier this year.
Meanwhile, it has emerged that the authorities may never find the shadowy hacker who wrote the Love Bug program.
Specially painted black and white with the famous number 53 on the bonnet, the Geordie love bug was chosen by Dean to attract as much attention as possible in the hope that passers by would donate money to Megan's appeal.
In a nutshell: Lohan proves her star power by actually making this Disney Love Bug rehash a cheer-worthy, girl-power anthem for stock-car culture.