Love Bombing

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A technique used in cult recruiting, in which membership in the cult is intimately linked to love and attachment which engender complete loyalty to the cause.
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The band's Seasons and Ran, from the new album The Far Field, drew love bombing from a crowd, ready to be seduced.
Players, staff, the kit lady, the behind the scenes staff, stewards, press, all in one big love bombing moment of unalloyed glee.
Instead we get the same old love bombing of the North West under the guise of supporting the Northern Powerhouse.
Summary: If the extraordinary love bombing enjoyed by Salma Hayek during her visit to Lebanon isn't proof enough that the country's suffering from visitor withdrawal syndrome, then I don't know what is.
Gabriel Agbonlahor has improved as the season has gone on, Andreas Weimann looks like another Lampard, and fullbacks Lowton and Bennett love bombing forward and whipping crosses in for a centre-forward who will gobble up chances.
When it comes to Islam, love bombing seems to be the U.