Love Affair

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Drug slang A regional term for cocaine
Vox populi An intimate sexual relationship or episode between lovers, usually understood to mean an extramarital relationship
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My own personal love affair is with that beast called surgery, and maybe my clumsiness and awkward anatomy should have clued me in.
It's a love affair triggered by his grandad, who first showed him the world of underdogs
There is no better way to feel the warmth of this special day than to experience Love Affair first hand.
Critique: Expertly written and impressively researched, "Bats, Balls, and Hollywood Stars: Hollywood's Love Affair with Baseball" will have immense appeal for baseball enthusiasts in general, and LA Dodger fans in particular.
You must try to convince your daughters to protect themselves from love affairs. But you should also be ready to throw them in Ganga if they don't obey you.
A MAN couldn't remember his supermarket theft due to his 40-year "love affair" with alcohol.
When author Marcia Gloster was a college student, she visited Salzburg, Austria to study painting at Oskar Kokoschka's School of Vision, she unexpectedly became enraptured in a passionate love affair with her instructor, the charismatic Bill Thomson (a married man with a storied past of indiscretions).
HERCULES AND LOVE AFFAIR - THE FEAST OF THE BROKEN HEART REGROUPING with different personnel on board and a whole new host of guest singers (including man of the moment John Grant), New York City DJ Andy Butler promised a rawer sound for Hercules And Love Affair's third album, The Feast Of The Broken Heart.
It's only natural to describe it in books," Gil Hovav told me before the first meeting of a three-part lecture series in Jerusalem called Culinary Love Affair. The series is focused on Jewish food as it is portrayed in Israeli fiction as well as in the literature of the Diaspora before Israel was established, and its title is actually a play on words, since in Hebrew the term for "love affair"romanalso means "novel."
The Marmalade, Herman's Hermits, Chris Farlow and Steve Ellis's Love Affair promise to overwhelm the audience with a wave of nostalgia thanks to smash hits such as I'm Into Something Good, Everlasting Love and Out Of Time.
Close sources to Lebanese Rita Karkafi, who is said to have been involved in an intimate affair with Lebanese singer Fares Karam , revealed that the love affair between the couple has come to an end.