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Pierre C.A., French physician, 1787-1872. See: Louis angle, Louis law.
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Gustave Kahn, Henri de Regnier, Pierre Louys, Andre Gide, Ferdinand Herold, Edouard Dujardin, Teodor de Wyzewa, Paul Claudel, en savent comme moi des fragments, Marcel Schwob, Whistler, Samain, en savaient d'autres, ils sont morts et nous disparaitrons a notre tour" (Princes 136).
Robic's discussion of Verlaine's ballad is one example of her attention to the irreverent use of fixed poetic forms that also includes the "inverted sonnet" favored by writers such as Pierre Louys who used it for his pornographic poem "Acrostiche saphique." Robic's third chapter, "Les Jeux de la versification a la parodie," also refers to poets who subvert the tradition of alternating feminine and masculine rhymes to serve homosexual or lesbian themes, as we see in Banville's "Erinna" which is written in feminine rhymes only.
Southwestern University (Georgetown, Texas), with support from The Mellon Foundation, will perform all three of Debussy's compositional engagements with Pierre Louys' poetic fabrications ascribed to a sixth-century BCE member of the circle of Sappho: the 3 Chansons de Bilitis for mezzosoprano and piano (1897); the 12 Chansons de Bilitis for recitation, mime, and chamber ensemble (1901); and the 6 Epigraphes antiques for piano duet (1914).
La amistad incipiente de Andre Gide, Paul Valery y Pierre Louys se desarrollo en gran parte en sus avenidas, particularmente en el sendero casi oculto que pasa delante de la tumba de Narcissa--esta tumba vacia que es el centro secreto y romantico del Jardin, como bien lo entendieron los tres amigos, fascinados por el destino postumo de la hijastra de Edward Young.
These precursors include Catulle Mendes, Jean Lorrain, Pierre Louys, Rachilde, and J.
During World War II, when my division landed in southern France and swept north, I became a halting interpreter for my company, and picked up a book or two to read in transit: something by Pierre Louys, some poems of Louis Aragon.
From the start of his career, the filmmaker had liberally drawn upon literary models: Plato, Aeschylus, Euripides, Pierre Louys, Hawthorne, Balzac.
Prince's forthcoming article based on a paper delivered at the APA meeting in Boston, 2005, entitled "Pierre Louys, Les Chansons de Bilitis and the Queered Lyric Voice."