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A shrine in southern France said to result in healing
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The group left Poland on July 10 on a two-week visit to famous sanctuaries in France, Spain, and Portugal, including shrines in Lourdes, France, and Fatima, Portugal, Szklarski said.
They left Poland on July 10 for a two-week visit to famous sanctuaries, including shrines in Lourdes, France, and Fatima, Portugal, he said.
The sell-out show, which may now be repeated next year, raised pounds 1,100 to enable sixth form students to accompany pilgrims, many of whom are seriously ill, on a pilgrimage to Lourdes, France, later this year.
As well as taking disabled children on trips to Lourdes, France, he works in his spare time as an unpaid debt counsellor helping people with cash flow problems.
Some cures or remissions cannot be explained, such as the canes and wheelchairs left at Lourdes, France.
Constance Ollivier, 48, of Winnetka said she was among a crowd of worshippers who saw the pope celebrate Mass in Lourdes, France, on Aug.
Bishop Cox ordained the controversial singer as a priest in his Tridentine church at a low-key ceremony in Lourdes, France in 1999.
After developing skin cancer, I was given water from the Healing Spring of Lourdes, France as a blessing from a friend," explains Katianna Nightingale, founder of Aqua Tan, Inc.
Ten years ago: A visibly weak Pope John Paul II joined thousands of other ailing pilgrims at a cliffside shrine in Lourdes, France, telling them he shared in their physical suffering and assuring them the burden was part of God's ''wondrous plan.
An aunt on the Catholic side of his family sends him off to Lourdes, France, where he finds no miracle cure.
LOURDES, FRANCE * The flooding and damage to the sanctuaries at the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes did not dampen the healing message of Lourdes for Americans who recently made a pilgrimage to the shrine in southern France.
Our biggest single expense each year is our trip to Lourdes, France, made by a group of approximately 15 members and helpers.