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A shrine in southern France said to result in healing
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Lourdes became revered 160 years ago when the Virgin Mary "appeared" to 14-year-old peasant Bernadette Soubirous.
Today's Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes coincides with the observance ofthe 26th World Day of the Sick.
Lourdes but the adjacent barangay of Tagburos connected by Tagburos River.
Mathias Terrier, information director of the Tarbes and Lourdes diocese, said Catholic representatives had agreed to the new arrangements.
The resemblance is uncanny when you compare pictures of Lourdes with a young Madge in 1979.
One woman, whose mum was among the stranded travellers, said: "A lot of these people were going to Lourdes for a pilgrimage.
In one of the pics, Lourdes poses in a black and white polka dot dress next to her pals with a caption that says "pre prom turn up", while another shot shows off one of Lourdes' male classmates modelling his tuxedo.
After 20 or more years travelling to Lourdes I have never paid for water or know of anyone who has.
Flooding struck on day four and the elemental force of the waters engulfed Lourdes in dramatic scenes which at times resembled a Hollywood disaster film.
Hundreds of pilgrims who had travelled to visit the shrine at Lourdes to seek miracle cures were evacuated from hotels in the area.
Summary: Kelly Osbourne and Lourdes Leon have reunited for the second time for the fall 2011 collection of Material Girl, Lourdes and mother Madonna's fashion label.
H award (Popster's Ironic Stance Here) is flashing its gusset all the way to the home of Madonna, who's been laying down the law for daughter Lourdes.