Ollier, Louis Xavier Edouard Leopold

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Louis Xavier Edouard Léopold, French surgeon, 1830-1900.
Ollier approach
Ollier disease - proliferation of cartilage in the metaphyses of several bones, causing distorted growth in length or pathological fractures. Synonym(s): enchondromatosis
Ollier graft - a thin split-thickness graft, usually in small pieces. Synonym(s): Ollier-Thiersch graft; Thiersch graft
Ollier incision
Ollier layer
Ollier method
Ollier operation
Ollier rake retractor
Ollier raspatory
Ollier retractor
Ollier technique
Ollier theory - a theory of compensatory growth.
Ollier-Thiersch graft - Synonym(s): Ollier graft
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