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Pierre C.A., French physician, 1787-1872. See: Louis angle, Louis law.
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Et sera fantome aussi d'une certaine maniere Louis XVIII lui-meme, qui ne pourra pas regner sur la legitimite de son seul nom et sur celle du droit divin, comme si rien ne s'etait passe, mais devra compter avec la presence spectrale de l'empereur dans chacun de ses gestes de monarque.
(27) On the image of Louis XVIII and politics during the Restoration, see M.
We were treated to a stay in the suite once occupied by Queen Marie-Josephine of France, who was Louis XVIII's other half, during the Napoleonic Wars.
The main purpose of the journey was to be more scientific than exploratory, although Louis XVIII expressed a hope that 'France might have in the islands of Polynesia and Australia a few places where French ships could transport civilisation and its benefits' (p.30).
After a brief spell as prime minister under Louis XVIII, he was forced to retire to his estate for a lengthy period, only to make a comeback under the "People's Monarch," Louis Philippe, who sent him to Britain as ambassador.
Concerning Ourika, we learn that of the two versions (A and B) that Lucien Scheler discussed in "Un best-seller sous Louis XVIII: Ourika par Mme de Duras" (1988), Diethelm's manuscript adopts version B with some minor changes (323-24).
His coup against a Bonapartist Regency and in favor of Louis XVIII (from whom he by then knew he could expect a reward) depended on Alexander I believing that the Bourbons had popular legitimacy.
Martin was repeatedly visited by an angel, who told him to go to the recently restored king, Louis XVIII, and deliver a message to him.
In July 1814, Louis XVIII tried to reimpose a role for noble privilege in military education.
Mr Mansel is the author of a much admired biography of King Louis XVIII and he brings his knowledge of and sympathy for that much ridiculed monarch to this book where he shows the genuine achievements of the Bourbon Restoration.
240), from the relative respite offered by the first Empire (where permanent Revolution is however replaced by permanent war) to the failed 'Union et oubli' of Louis XVIII and Charles X, where renewed conflict between royalists and liberals culminates in the bourgeois victory of 1830.