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Pierre C.A., French physician, 1787-1872. See: Louis angle, Louis law.

Pasteur, Louis

Etymology: French chemist, 1822-1895
promoter of the germ theory of infection and developer of the pasteurization process to kill pathogenic organisms in milk. Pasteur also developed several vaccines and pioneered the development of stereochemistry by separating mirror image isomers.
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Entre Napoleon et Louis XVIII, il y a ainsi une evidente continuite; non seulement des institutions--la charte reaffirme les principes du code Napoleon de 1804 sans jamais le citer--mais aussi, ce qui est moins facile a cacher, une troublante continuite des hommes, fantomes tangibles du passe immediat de la France.
In July 1815, Louis XVIII appointed Talleyrand President of the Council (effectively prime minister) as well as minister of foreign affairs.
Louis XVIII had no great support among the people, who feared that, with the return of the monarchy, the freedoms and advantages won by the Revolution would disappear.
Once the official chocolatier of French Kings Louis XVIII, Charles X and Louis Philippe, Debauve & Gallais is considered the finest chocolate in the world with a strong cult following.
Jane Austen lived at 4 Sydney Place; the Saracens Head is where Dickens first met the character who became Mr Pickwick; Handel and Lord Nelson both lived in Pierrepoint Street; and Louis XVIII of France once lodged in Great Pulteney Street.
A huge canvas shows Wolverhampton artist Edward Bird's painting The Landing of Louis XVIII at Calais depicting the brief restoration of the French monarchy.
During the Hundred Days of Napoleon's astonishing return from Elba, he and his wife loyally followed Louis XVIII into exile at Ghent where, to her great sorrow mingled with guilt, her mother died.
Once owned by the son of William the Conqueror, King Louis XVIII of France lived here for five years in the 1800s.
Once owned by the son of William the Conqueror, King Louis XVIII of France lived here in exile for five years in the 1800s and it's easy to imagine him roaming around the vast grounds, with a romantic gothic tower, ruined church and a lake spanned by a old arch section of Kew Bridge.
In the Hotel's central antechamber, Mr Garcia hung a series of blue silk panels woven with large gold fleurs-de-lys, originally commissioned for the coronation of Louis XVIII and formerly housed in the Throne Room of the Tuileries Palace, which he had bought from Mademoiselle Niclausse--an elderly Parisian spinster who had inherited them from her antique-dealer father.
Hartwell House is a Grade I-listed stately pile, once home to the exiled King of France, Louis XVIII, in the Vale of Aylesbury, Bucks.
But then again he is known to be a disciple of Talleyrand, the French statesman who helped put Napoleon Bonaparte on the throne only to later help depose him for Louis XVIII.