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Pierre C.A., French physician, 1787-1872. See: Louis angle, Louis law.

Pasteur, Louis

Etymology: French chemist, 1822-1895
promoter of the germ theory of infection and developer of the pasteurization process to kill pathogenic organisms in milk. Pasteur also developed several vaccines and pioneered the development of stereochemistry by separating mirror image isomers.
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This safe will be transported around the world under high-level security for an international tour beginning in Hong Kong on December 11 th , before it reaches its final destination at the House of LOUIS XIII in Cognac.
The Leela Palace-New Delhi can, therefore, legitimately claim bragging rights for being the only hotel in the sub-continent to own the distinctive Baccarat decanter, set in black crystal accentuated by a palladium collar, in which the Louis XIII Rare Cask 786 (that's the trade name for the 43,8, inspired by the 786 bottles of this rarity) sits at its bar, The Library.
Louis XIII Holdings will pay Rolls-Royce US $2 million by the end September, a further US $3 million by the end of the year, and the remaining US $15 million upon delivery of the vehicles in the first half of 2016.
Under Marie's regency he prospered, becoming a secretary of state in 1616, When Louis XIII assumed power, Richelieu went into exile, but upon the reconciliation of mother and son he returned to court.
Louis XIII, the iconic summit of French refinement in taste, is an out of the ordinary experience for cognac lovers: a FIREWORKS OF AROMAS bursting from the astounding blend of GRANDE CHAMPAGNE eaux-de-vie, the most prestigious of the six crus classed in the delimited region of Cognac.
A group of City workers spent Au30,000 on dances last off late and one spent 2,500 pounds on a bottle of Louis XIII cognac - mixed some with Coca-Cola and left the bottle.
Some of the oldest of the lot, containing eaux de vie that would later be sold as Louis XIII in elegant crystal carafes, are covered with thick cobwebs.
The stable of cognac, liqueurs, Champagne, ram, gin, brandy and armagnac includes Remy Martin, St Remy and Louis XIII cognacs, Charles Heidsieck and Piper Heidsieck Champagnes, Mount Gay rum, Cointreau and Passoa fruit liqueur.
Announcing his intention to reduce Venice to the status of a fishing village, Julius organised an alliance with Louis XIII of France, the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I and King Ferdinand II of Aragon who, scenting rich pickings, allied as the League of Cambrai.
Because Louis XIII was bald and wore a wig, wigs became extremely popular in France during his reign.
Shennan suggests that it is doubtful if a coherent policy of raison d'etat was ever fully elaborated, but it was a state of mind that found expression in the policies of Louis XIII and Richelieu as well as those of Louis XIV and Mazarin.
Kelly treated guests at Amika's Weekend Takeover to 50 magnums of pounds 3,000 vintage Dom Perignon, 24 bottles of pounds 490 Patron tequila and 10 bottles of pounds 2,000 Louis XIII cognac.