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Pierre C.A., French physician, 1787-1872. See: Louis angle, Louis law.

Pasteur, Louis

Etymology: French chemist, 1822-1895
promoter of the germ theory of infection and developer of the pasteurization process to kill pathogenic organisms in milk. Pasteur also developed several vaccines and pioneered the development of stereochemistry by separating mirror image isomers.
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The Leela Palace-New Delhi can, therefore, legitimately claim bragging rights for being the only hotel in the sub-continent to own the distinctive Baccarat decanter, set in black crystal accentuated by a palladium collar, in which the Louis XIII Rare Cask 786 (that's the trade name for the 43,8, inspired by the 786 bottles of this rarity) sits at its bar, The Library.
All About Louis XIII It was created in 1874, the same year the carafe was registered at the court of AngoulA.
But in fact many French Jesuits themselves became Gallicans, notably Pierre Coton, confessor to Henry IV and Louis XIII.
Louis XIII Black Pearl is made by blending 1,200 unblended brandies and will come in a special crystal bottle designed by French crystal vessel maker Baccarat, it said.
It's a glass of Veuve Clicquot Grande Dame 1996 champagne with a shot of Louis XIII Remy Martin Cognac, angostura bitters and a gold leaf twist of lemon.
The hotel's bar serves top-drawer libations such as Louis XIII Cognac for $200 a shot.
A bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII made pounds 720 and a bottle of Hennessy Richard Hennessy pounds 750, both of which were sold to telephone bidders.
The Louis XIII will set you back a whopping pounds 1,000 but, take heart, it's not actually the spirits you are splashing out on (although they are some of the world's finest) but the huge one-carat diamond sitting at the bottom of your glass.
Undoubtedly film star Tom Cruise has lavished many gifts on fiance, Katie Holmes (pictured), and one of them is almost certainly an exquisite miniature decanter containing the exclusive cognac Remy Martin Louis XIII.
The Louis XIII Diamond Cocktail starts from pounds 1,000 with a diamond, a shot of Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac and topped up with bubbly.
Frustrated frequently by the politics of the courts of Henri IV and Louis XIII, he pursued his task with a single-minded focus and the courage to withstand the severity of Canadian winters and life in the wilderness as he explored with native Hurons as his guides.