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Pierre C.A., French physician, 1787-1872. See: Louis angle, Louis law.
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King Louis XII married Anne of Britanny, his brother's widow.
As with the illumination from the Hours of Louis XII, here the images and text across the page are dynamically connected.
It is now certain that Josquin worked for Louis XII (this is separate from Fallows's determination that Glarean confused Louis XI and Louis XII), who provided him with the benefice as a canon at St.
It was believed to have been commissioned for Louis XII of France, and is considered one of his greatest works.
King Louis XII of France took only two baths in his life.
It consists of Louis XII cognac, half a bottle of Cristal Rose champagne, brown sugar, bitters, 24-carat edible gold leaf and an 11-carat diamond ring.
The ingredients are half a bottle of champagne, a large measure of Louis XII cognac, brown sugar and Angostura bitters and flakes of 24 carat edible gold leaf.
Yet for all the pamphlets written by a 'patriote' or a 'citoyen', the titles here indicate no outright hostility to the monarchy, and the host of works on Louis XII indeed suggest some confidence in the institution.
This works well for certain types of commissions, such as Ingres' Vow of Louis XII (1824).
A 15th century book that was written for King Louis XII of France is to be placed on display in February at London's Victoria and Albert Museum.