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Pierre C.A., French physician, 1787-1872. See: Louis angle, Louis law.
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For an example of the former, in 1147 while Louis VII (1137-80) was planning the Second Crusade, Roger attempted to negotiate an alliance with him against Byzantium; later in the year, the Byzantine emperor, Manuel Komnenos (1143-1180), also sought an alliance with Louis against Roger.
This fascinating woman, ruler in her own right of Poitou and Aquitaine, Queen of France (consort of Louis VII) and then of England (consort of Henry II), has received a 'bad press' from chroniclers, historians and until recently, biographers.
She was fascinated by Eleanor who had first married at 15 to a boy destined to become King Louis VII. She even went on the crusades with him to Jerusalem.
ELEANOR of Aquitaine was married to Louis VII of France then to Henry II of England and was mother to Richard the Lionheart and King John.
Stretching from the Pyrenees right up to Normandy, taking in Bordeaux and Poitou, she was far more powerful than her first husband - Louis VII of France.
But when it came to infighting we do know that the shaving of the beard of Louis VII of France actually brought about a war with England that lasted 300 years.
The idea of courtly love spread swiftly across Europe, and a decisive influence in this transmission was Eleanor of Aquitaine, wife first to Louis VII of France and then to Henry II of England, who inspired some of the best poetry of Bernard de Ventadour, among the last and finest of troubadour poets.
Principal wars: Civil War with King Stephen (1135-1154); wars with King Louis VII of France (1157-1180); subjugation of Wales (1158-1165); intervention in Ireland (1169-1175); war with France, Scotland, and rebels (1173-1174); war with King Philip II of France (1180-1189).
The CAROLINGIANS Pepin III (the Short) 751- 768 Charlemagne 768- 814 Louis I (the Pious) 814- 840 Charles II (the Bald) 840- 877 Louis II 877- 879 Louis III 879- 882 Carloman 882- 884 Charles III (the Fat) 884- 887 Eudes (Odo) 888- 989 Charles IV (the Simple) 898- 922 Robert I 922- 923 Rudolf 923- 936 Louis IV 936- 954 Lothair 954- 986 Louis V 986- 987 THE CAPETS Hugh Capet 987- 996 Robert II 996-1031 Henry I 1031-1060 Philip I 1060-1108 Louis VI 1108-1137 Louis VII 1137-1180 Philip II (Augustus) 1180-1223 Louis VIII 1223-1226 Louis IX (St.
WHEN did Louis VII of France marry Eleanor of Aquitaine?