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Pierre C.A., French physician, 1787-1872. See: Louis angle, Louis law.
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(16) While Philip and Florus would not prove a political threat to Louis VI, Cecile would become a significant figure in the Holy Land as Countess of Tripoli.
(31) Stephen resumed his position as royal chancellor in 1132, holding it to the death of Louis VI in 1137.
(41) In his notes on this passage, David Luscombe does not offer any explanation as to why Abelard should have chosen Melun, other than claiming that Philip I and Louis VI used it as a centre for royal government, referring for further background to Bautier's study.
It seems, however, that the de Garlande brothers had already effectively aligned themselves as supporting Louis VI even before Philips death.
A month later, Louis VI settled affairs more in favour of Saint-Martin of Tours.
While Louis VI was holding court at Melun in March 1111, the Ile-de-la-cite had been attacked by Norman forces led by Robert of Meulan, with bridges destroyed.
Suger, also a friend of Joscelin, similarly never mentions William of Champeaux in his history of Louis VI.
(80) On 18 April 1112, a charter was drawn up by Louis VI (with Stephen de Garlande as his chancellor) officially establishing an order of regular canons based around Puiseaux, some 163 kilometres south of Paris, roughly midway on the road towards Orleans.
Although Louis VI had initially supported the commune at Laon, his decision to enter the city in 1112, following Gaudrys murder, marked a decisive effort to reassert French royal authority in the city.