Hamman, Louis

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Hamman, Louis

U.S. physician, 1877–1946.

Hamman's disease

Spontaneous mediastinal emphysema with a crunching sound heard during auscultation of the heart.

Hamman's syndrome

Previously used term for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.


Louis, U.S. physician, 1877-1946.
Hamman crunch
Hamman disease - Synonym(s): Hamman syndrome
Hamman murmur - Synonym(s): Hamman sign
Hamman sign - a crunching, rasping sound, synchronous with heartbeat, heard over the precordium and sometimes at a distance from the chest in mediastinal emphysema. Synonym(s): Hamman murmur
Hamman syndrome - spontaneous mediastinal emphysema, resulting from rupture of alveoli. Synonym(s): Hamman disease
Hamman-Rich syndrome - Synonym(s): usual interstitial pneumonia of Liebow
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Los primeros casos de neumomediastino espontaneo (NME) fueron descritos por Louis Hamman en 1939 como "enfisema mediastinal espontaneo" (2).
The condition was described by Louis Hamman and hence known as Hamman's syndrome.
Louis Hamman originally reported the syndrome that bears his name in 1939, (1) describing it in women in labour ('postpartum pneumomediastinum').
1) Spontaneous pneumomediastinum was described as a separate entity in 1939 by Louis Hamman (syndrome of Hamman).