Guttman, Louis

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Louis, Israeli psychologist, 1906–.
Guttman scale - attitude scale. Synonym(s): cumulative scale
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The extended archival search could have been extended to include the archives of the Israel Institute of Applied Social Research (later known as the Louis Guttman Institute), a notable pioneer organization which carried out numerous surveys among immigrants during the period reported on in the book.
Louis Guttman, RPPTL chair, said, "Our profession is uniquely qualified to help identify and meet those needs [of children].
We chose to use a statistical package based on the work of Louis Guttman. The structure of the data from the study is presented through a data analysis technique known as smallest space analysis (SSA).(2) SSA is a subset of the broad family of data analysis called multidimensional scaling that portrays the data spatially so that they can be easily read (Young 1987).