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Henry Louis, U.S. baseball player; 1903-1941, victim of Lou Gehrig disease. See: Lou Gehrig disease.
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About the award: The Lou Gehrig Scholar-Athlete Award Committee conducted a rigorous evaluation of all candidates.
The disease is now commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig s disease.
La enfermedad de Lou Gehrig, sin embargo, no afecta al cerebro.
But the breadth of the scene is best captured in a recent book, entitled Luckiest Man--The Life and Death of Lou Gehrig by Jonathan Eig (2005).
Even more so, Lou Gehrig is remembered thanks to the graceful speech he gave at Yankee Stadium while tens of thousands cheered his mere presence.
When he appeared in uniform for Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day on July 4, 1939, he finally and fully emerged from the shadow of Babe Ruth to gain his own measure of acceptance and adultation.
It should have read that Lou Gehrig and Joe Gordon were two of the first recipients of the award, not the first two.
Of all the players in baseball history, none has possessed both the fierce talent and raw modesty of Lou Gehrig.
The registry will collect information leading to the cause, treatment, and cure of the deadly neurological disease that took the life of baseball legend Lou Gehrig in 1941.
STERLING - The Clinton Little League and Lou Gehrig District 4 Little League all-stars were chased off the field not once, not twice, but three times on Sunday afternoon.
Also a baseball winner, Lou Gehrig is profiled in William C.