Foot Binding

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A custom practised on young girls and women for about 1,000 years in China, ending in the early 20th century, which resulted in lifelong disabilities for most of its victims
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It's no different for four-time PBA MVP June Mar Fajardo, whose feet look like a size 17 version of Lotus Feet's.
The desired final result became known as 'lotus feet'.
Another series, "Golden Myst" consists of 4 new fragrances namely Lotus Feet, Pristine Ayurveda, The Sacred Circle and Divine Yoga, which has 4 handpicked perfumes based on ancient recipes from Vedas which brings energy, joy, peace and harmony.
Chito makes moviegoers' blood runs cold with creepy character Lotus Feet.
The Hall was full to capacity and people waited patiently in long lines, to offer flowers in the lotus feet of Hanuman Ji and seek His Blessings on this very first Day of the New Year.
With deep humbleness and the blessings of Sundaranand Swami Ji, it is a joy to offer this book to all of you on the First International Yoga Day - 21st June 2015 to honor all great yogis who have carried this wisdom to us so far and ultimately by surrendering this book to the lotus feet of Mother Ganga.
Vishnu's feet are always qualified as the "lotus feet".
Even though it seems strange to us, women and their families thought that binding female feet until they were tiny enough to be called "lotus feet" was very "ladylike" and attractive.
How could mothers comply with male principles of domination and subject their daughters to the sufferings and physical limitations entailed in creating "lotus feet"?
We know virtually nothing about the anonymous artist who created the painting but can often trace at whose "lotus feet" it was placed when completed.
Following the nine ways of devotion -- worship, meditation, chanting, singing, friendship, surrender at the Lotus Feet of Lord, listening to holy Scriptures, Contemplation and forgiveness -- is the way to liberation.
Destiny of the Next Life is about beautiful Meng Lijun, whose lotus feet measure only 2.7 inches.