loss ratio

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loss ratio,

n the relationship between the money paid out in benefits and the amount collected in premiums.
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Under the regulation, each carrier will determine three medical loss ratios for each state, one for large employer coverage, one for small employer coverage and one for individual products.
Price level increases should, all else held constant, reduce loss ratios.
A contingency contract that severely cuts bonuses for books with low loss ratios and increases bonuses for books with marginal loss ratios
Note: Table made from bar graph Figure 2 Average Relative Loss Ratios Versus Credit Scores for Total Market Dataset 1st credit score decile = worst credit 10th credit score decile = best credit credit history not available 1.
Now suppose that the eastern seaboard of Florida was in fact severely hammered by hurricanes to an unexpected degree in the third quarter, causing the actual loss ratios for the company and the CBOT pool to be 10 percent and 9 percent, respectively.
Improving loss ratios do not necessarily mean better results, as faltering investment income offsets improvements in underwriting outcomes," said Thomas Hettinger, property & casualty sales and practice leader for the Americas at Towers Watson.
The adjusted loss ratio is the measure of direct losses incurred divided by the difference between direct premiums earned and dividends to policyholders.
The first part of our empirical analysis relates individual insurer groups' loss ratios for homeowners, commercial multiple peril, and fire insurance in twenty eastern and southern states to state-specific catastrophe loss ratios using PCS catastrophe losses.
Average loss ratio for all companies analyzed was 40%, while average underwriting profit ratio is 10%.
From January 2014 through June 2014, monthly incurred loss ratios ranged from a low of 58 percent in May to a high of 140 percent in January.
The company in both states had record-high adjusted loss ratios for private passenger auto physical damage, but lower figures in the significantly larger liability portion of private passenger auto.
have implemented minimum medical loss ratios for years to rein in rising